What Stevia is made from?


Benefits of Sugar Alternatives

Since more and more people realize the benefits of eating healthy, more alternatives to sugar are considered. We all know that the regular use of refined sugar causes serious health concerns, creating many opportunities for new stevia products. Of late, India has become the hub of multiple Stevia brands. Choosing the best stevia product is a big challenge for people, especially when there are so many brands in the country. However, people often think, what Stevia is made from?

With so many products available in the market, it is not easy for anyone to get the best Stevia brand without spending a huge amount. Even when such brands offer a huge discount, one should not purchase a product without giving a serious thought. It’s about our health that we are talking about. Therefore, paying attention to every detail is important when choosing the best stevia product for yourself.

Some people consider Zevic Stevia the best Stevia brand in India, available in sachets, leaves, powder and tablets. GAIA Stevia is another top brand of Stevia in India that is available in powder and tablets. Stevia from Organic India is also a very popular product. The manufacturer claims it has no side effects and can be safely used in food and beverages.

What Stevia is made from? 

People often wonder about what Stevia is made from. It originates from the leaves of a herbal shrub known as Stevia rebaudiana, mainly found in South America. People have used Stevia plants as food and medicine for the last hundreds of years. The leaves and crude extracts of Stevia are high-quality dietary supplements.


Best sugar substitutes in India

Several sugar substitutes in India are popular among people. However, the common person often needs clarification on whether it is good or bad for their health. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of synthetic sugar alternatives to make an informed choice.  
Many wish to reduce sugar consumption because of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Some health-conscious people use artificial sweeteners or other healthy sugar substitutes in IndiaArtificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes are widely used in food and beverages. Such products usually contain labels of “sugar-free” or “diet,” including popular soft drinks like diet soda. 

So, what are all these artificial sweeteners, and what role do they play in your diet? 


What are artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes?

Manufacturers of packaged food items mainly use sugar substitutes in India as sweeteners instead of regular table sugar or sucrose. There are several options for healthy sugar substitutes, and one of them is artificial sweeteners. However, few sweeteners go through processing and refinement but are still called “natural.” Best-tasting Stevie falls under that category. On the other hand, some artificial sweeteners originate from natural substances. For example, sucralose comes from natural sugar.

What are natural sweeteners? 

 Natural sweeteners are also sugar substitutes that are available in the market as healthy sugar alternatives of sugar. However, even such natural sweeteners are products of processing and refining. According to FDA, the following natural sweeteners are considered safe: 



Fruit juices and nectars 

Maple syrup 

Artificial sweeteners 

Artificial sweeteners are a type of sugar substitute that is obtained through a synthetic process. Artificial sweeteners are often sweeter than normal sugar and are also known as intense sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are one of the best sugar substitutes in India because they are virtually calorie free. We need such sweeteners in very small quantities compared to normal sugar. 

What are the uses of artificial sweeteners?

Artificial sweeteners are widely used in the processed food and beverage industries. Some of the popular items where they find applications are: 

 Soft drinks, powdered drinks, Diet Cola, and other beverages 

Baked products 

Dairy products 



Jams and jellies 

Canned foods 

Now consumers have also started preferring artificial sweeteners for home use. Such sweeteners are ideal for baking or cooking. However, we still need to suitably modify traditional recipes because, unlike sugar, artificial sweeteners don’t create volume. Therefore, it’s better to check the labels on artificial sweeteners before choosing them for home use. Some artificial sweeteners leave an aftertaste in the mouth. In such cases, you will need a suitable substitute or a combination of two artificial sweeteners to make it more acceptable. 

Health benefits of artificial sweeteners


 Natural sugar harms teeth and cavities, but we don’t have such problems with artificial sweeteners.

They are beneficial to us in the following ways: 

 Controlling Weight  

Artificial sweeteners contain zero calories. A teaspoon of sugar has around 16 calories, and a can of cola has about 10 teaspoons of sugar. Just think of it; you will add 160 calories to a single can of cola. If you want to lose or prevent weight gain, choose only such drinks with artificial sweeteners. However, we still don’t know their effectiveness for long-term weight loss. 


Artificial sweeteners are not carbohydrates like natural sugar. Hence, they don’t increase blood sugar levels. Therefore, sugar substitutes are ideal for people who have diabetes. Now, artificial sweeteners are regulated through the FDA and come under food additives. 

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