Is AC Price in India affordable for the Middle Class?

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The summer season is around the corner, and the people of the middle class in India are apprehensive about whether the ac price in India is still affordable. Since, for the last year, prices for almost everything have gone up by 30-40%, there is a general impression that now ac prices may not be affordable for the middle class in India. Let’s check out the facts.

Price for Window AC in India   


Window air conditioners have always been famous for ordinary people in India. The reasons for this are straightforward. Installing a window air conditioner is much easier than any other type of ac. Moreover, it’s also more economical to maintain a window air conditioner. Until last year, the 1.5 ton window ac price in India was Rs 23000.00 to 25,000.00. However, after the latest budget, the prices have been revised.


A good window ac of an average brand now costs 10-15% higher than last year. So, if you want a window ac today, you must pay around Rs 25000.00 to 28000.00. However, you can take advantage of many discount offers from leading brands. Sometimes, you get an excellent online offer on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.


Price for a Split AC in India


The split air conditioner is more expensive than a window ac. It needs an elaborate installation that costs extra money. Coming to the Split ac price in India, a good brand 1.5 ton can cost you anything from Rs 35000.00 to 45,000.00. Besides, you will also have to bear an additional Rs 6000.00 to 7000.00 as installation charges.


Where to Purchase AC?


Traditionally, people purchase air conditioners from company showrooms. Usually, every top-brand ac manufacturer has its retail showroom. However, many resellers procure it from authorized dealers and sell it to customers. These days people have many options for online shopping too, where you get good discounts. For example, a Voltas 1.5 ton Split ac that costs around Rs 30000.00 in the retail store is available for Rs 28000.00 on Amazon.


Retail showrooms usually display every type of air conditioner from top brands. Therefore, models such as Blue star, Samsung, LG, Voltas, Carrier, or Daikin;  are available in these showrooms. The main advantage of purchasing from a retail showroom is that you can see the actual demonstration with your eyes. Moreover, you can also discuss their features with the sales assistants who can guide you in the best possible manner.  


Try online Option


If you plan to buy an AC at an online store, it is essential to conduct proper research before selecting a suitable model for your home. The effort you put in here will save you from a massive electricity bill because not all models consume the same amount. There is a star rating for air conditioners. An air conditioner with a five-star rating will consume less energy than a three-star. 


Although for a five-star ac, you will have to pay more, in the end, it will be justified.   

Once you make up your mind about which particular model best suits your needs, there are a few more factors to consider. A standard window or Split ac needs installation, but a portable air conditioner can be easily shifted from one place to another without any permanent structure. Such ACS has caster wheels for easy movement and is lightweight and affordable.


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