How to Make Your Exterior Look Beautiful with Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor lighting serves many purposes. It provides security, prevents tripping hazards, and it’s great for entertaining. It also beautifies your property.

There are many ways to decorate your exterior with outdoor solar lighting. This article will provide suggestions for updating your property with outdoor solar lanterns and other LED solar lights.

LED Solar Lights

LED bulbs are becoming a more popular option in many types of solar fixtures.

LED lights are typically used in households as they put out a lot of light without consuming vast quantities of electricity. Although electricity is not used in solar lighting, LEDs still use less power. This makes them a good option for outdoor lighting.

A solar outdoor light will absorb sunlight for power when the sun is out. It will use that power at night for illumination. LED bulbs use less power ensuring your lights function throughout the night.

Additionally, LEDs produce more focused light, which is ideal if you want to illuminate a specific area. The light is also softer and more subdued making it perfect for adding ambiance.

How to Decorate with Outdoor Solar Lanterns

You can find plenty of outdoor lighting fixtures that use LED solar lights outdoor solar lanterns are a great option for patios, gardens, porches, and other spaces. The lanterns tend to have a vintage look that is perfectly accented by a soft LED light.

Different Types of Solar Lanterns

When decorating with solar lanterns, the first thing you will want to do is decide on the design best suited to your exterior. Below are some options to choose from.

  • Vintage: A vintage style lantern will mimic the look of lights that were used in Victorian times before electricity was invented. They are ideal for people who want their exterior spaces to have an old-timey vibe.
  • Modern: A modern lantern will feature sleek lines. The bulb may be encased in a block-like unit to add to the contemporary aesthetic. It is the perfect complement for a luxurious exterior design.
  • Exotic/Tiki: Some lanterns will be encased in a bamboo-like enclosure which provides an exotic look. These are ideal for people who want their exterior spaces to resemble a tiki lounge.

Solar Lanterns also differ in terms of their configurations as follows:

  • Table Lanterns: These are small enough to be placed on tables.
  • Hanging Lanterns: Hanging lanterns can be hung from various locations to provide illumination in high spaces.
  • Floor Lanterns: Floor lanterns are tall fixtures that are often placed in the corner of patios.
  • Stake Lanterns: Stake lanterns are typically 2-3 feet high. Their sharp stakes enable them to be embedded in the garden.

Decorating with Outdoor Solar Lanterns

The design scheme you choose will depend on the look of your home and the locations where lighting is needed. Here are some ideas that will get you headed in the right direction.

  • Tiki Lounge Patio: A tiki lounge patio will look great with exotic tiki lanterns. You can emphasize the style by adding bamboo and rattan elements such as chairs, a bar, and other furnishings. Go all out by installing grass roofs on structures. Bring in elements of color with tropical flowers and fruit.
  • Modern: A modern patio design is characterized by sleek lines and furnishings. Keep things minimalist with inviting yet understated lounge chairs and couches. Your modern lantern lights can be complemented by a roaring firepit.
  • Vintage: A vintage patio will feature quaint furnishings and lush greenery. Think of adding small patio sets with lacey metal designs. Your Victorian lanterns can sit amid rosebushes and other vibrant greenery.

Solar lanterns are ideal for lighting up exterior spaces. They will be even more attractive and efficient when equipped with LED solar lights. Outdoor spaces can benefit from additional lighting, no matter your preferred style or aesthetic.

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